Marriages for the week of Nov. 15, 2020

Published 5:47 pm Wednesday, November 18, 2020

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The following couples were granted marriage certificates from Nov. 2-6:

-Michael Justin Breland to Conner Haas Dungan.

-Hannah Marie Coleman to Ezaldean Alaa Kahil.

-Regan Grimm to Patrick Samuel Higgins.

-BJ Paul Foulk to Trista Kay Wasson.

-Amber Nicole Cunningham to Michael Tyrell Smith.

-Kenneth Peirce Doe to Robin Marie Wallace.

-Rebekah Anne Letlow to Christopher Aaron Cain.

-Maria Jane Hill to Dalton Michael Bradshaw.

-Joshua Edward Keyser to Kayleigh Celeste Vinson.

-Stephanie Ann Gottier to Gamaliel Benitez.

-Jared Michael Cook to Audra Elizabeth Mickle.

-Gerek Henry Alan Hester to Deangelo Dejuan Young.

-David Ethan Perot to Staci Deann Roberson.

-Leanna Sue Brennan to Alan Dale Sanders.

-Jorja Dale Forehand to Charles Edward Oliver.

-Elizabeth Dufour Carr to Andrew Edwin Jenkins.

-Amber Danise Johnson to Grayson Keith Fancher.

-Haleigh Gail Gowers to Alex Jordan Matzke.

-Debra Lynn Adams to Kenneth Ray Hoyer.

-Charles Albert Gothard to Savannah Renee Pless.

-Reagan Katherine Langner to James Raymond Alexander Drum.

-Milly Syndin Lynn to Jason Robert West.

-Ryan Courtney Miller to Lauren Michelle Roy.

-Lydia Elaine Grandy to Nicholas Marc Gonzales.

-Karma Labue to Wesley Reid Smith.

-Meagan Mitchelle Abbott to Cody Shane Jones.

-Judy Dean Chatham to Barry Michael Slater.

-Stephen Lee Chace Etheridge to Lauren Michelle Davis.

-Jonathon Thomas Hadden to Samantha Pearl Rowley.

-Jacquelyn Sherri Ann Clark to Hal Jason Peppers.

-Patti Rich Smith to Paul Glenn Widner.

-Caroline Meagan Johnsey to Evan James Crisp.