Meet Shelby County’s first baby of 2021

Published 8:21 am Friday, January 15, 2021

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By DONNAMY STEELE | Special to the Reporter

ALABASTER – Shelby County’s first baby of the year arrived at Shelby Baptist Medical Center on Jan., 3. Kaylin Starr Wood was born at 10:09 a.m., weighing 8.48 pounds with a height of 20 inches long.

Parents Alexa and Cody Wood said they are absolutely obsessed with their new addition to the family. Kaylin’s name is a family name, her mother said.

“Her name is derived from her grandmother, Kay, and my mother-in-law, Starr,” Alexa said.

Alexa was originally expected to be induced a day later on Jan. 4—her husband’s birthday—but Kaylin made her debut earlier, so she’ll have a day all to herself.

“She was born the day before her father’s birthday,” Alexa said. “She has a mind of her own and came a day earlier than planned. She must have wanted her own day.”

This is the couple’s first child born at Shelby Baptist. Although they are not from the area, the transition was smooth and the staff was very helpful, she said.

“It has been such a fantastic experience, and we are blown away at how the staff treated us,” Wood said. “There was not a moment where we didn’t enjoy being there. This was our first baby born at Shelby Baptist because we aren’t from here, but we loved the experience and it was so easy to transition because some doctors just tell you what you need to know and send you on your way.”

Wood said she is doing well postpartum and is excited to get to know her daughter.

“I’m doing well, and my husband has just been so helpful. She’s an infant, so we don’t know much about her yet, but we are so excited to get to know her,” Alexa said.

Kaylin is also one of four girls in the family now. The couple have a 9-year-old, 7-year-old and a 5-year-old in addition to the newborn.

“We have a really good gap between the last two,” Alexa said. “My husband is head over heels for this baby. We are absolutely obsessed.”