Health care workers doing most important work yet

Published 6:22 pm Wednesday, January 27, 2021

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No job has been more important over the last year than that of health care workers, and now, they’re in the midst of their most important stretch yet.

The battle against COVID-19 has been a long and tumultuous one that has seen many heartbreaking stories with nurses and doctors working tireless and dangerous hours to save lives.

Putting their lives on the line inside overflowing hospitals to administer COVID-19 tests and care for patients struggling with the deadly virus, health care workers have shown courageous resilience.

Now, the vaccine is here, and a new element is added.

Already overworked and exhausted from the heavy burden weighing them down for the past 10 months, they are now standing at the front of long lines to administer the COVID-19 vaccine to thousands each day.

And while many have had the vaccine themselves at this point after the rollout of the first phase, working to vaccinate others may be their most important work yet.

Without a second thought, they continue to put others ahead of themselves to help defeat a virus that continues to plague us early in 2021.

As we close in on Phase 1B and other phases of the distribution schedule, first responders, teachers, other essential workers and those most at risk due to age or health will start to receive the vaccine.

That will lead to less cases, less deaths and a light at the end of the tunnel.

By no means are we close, but the dedication of health care workers over the last year now seems to be leading us to the peak of the climb. And maybe, just maybe, we’re about to hit the summit and start our decent to making 2021 the year we defeat COVID-19.