Long-awaited Pine Mountain Preserve project begins

Published 10:54 am Friday, January 29, 2021

By FRANKIE OSBORN / Community Columnist

After a 14-year wait on economic recovery, lot inventory correction, working out maps, permits, and legal guidelines, Westover is excited to announce the kicking off of the Pine Mountain Preserve project, an Eddleman Properties development.

Many have noticed the construction the last few weeks on U.S. 280. This will be the main entrance to the new subdivision.

There will be a deceleration lane on each side that will help with the flow of traffic. In the future, there will be two red lights in the vicinity, which will be synchronized to keep the traffic moving safely.

The entrance will go from U.S. 280 to a crossover bridge on Shelby County 280 and will then lead into the Pine Mountain Preserve.

The project is highlighted with an abundance of conservation areas to be preserved for generations to come.

The development will feature a variety of homes ranging from single family units mixed with commercial, all the way up to large estate properties to be used as agriculture areas such as horse farms.

The master plan has potentially 14,000 homes and will be a growing project for many years to come.

At its completion, this community will be, by comparison, larger in size than Chelsea Park.

The first Phase, called Sector 3, Pine Mountain Road, has already begun clearing and getting home sites ready to build.

The first “Village,” called Village 1, has been approved by the Planning Commission and will be the section for mixed use, including areas for retail as well as homes.

There are designated areas set aside on the properties for connectability, parks, schools, fire department, post office and other community needs. Westover is growing.

For more information, go to Pinemountainpreserve.com.