FBC Alabaster helping to feed those in need

Published 2:46 pm Friday, March 19, 2021

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By NATHAN HOWELL | Staff Writer

ALABASTER – Every second and fourth Monday, the First Baptist Church of Alabaster helps to feed somewhere between 375 and 500 families in need of food through their food ministry.

According to Director of Community Ministries Michelle Weaver, this program has been going on for around 15 years, but has seen an increased need over the course of the pandemic from a diverse group of people.

“A lot of people think that because we are in a pandemic that it is easy for people to get food stamps or other assistance to take care of their families, but a lot of people are falling into loopholes where they cannot get help,” Weaver said. “Since the pandemic started we have had all diverse groups coming now, people that were earning six figures come in saying they have never had to do this before, but they need help to feed their families.”

Through a grant and donations, Weaver estimated that between 375 and 400 families come through their drive-thru food pickup, which she said emphasizes the incredible need for help right now.

Volunteers from the church come together and assemble what Weaver called a “shopping carts worth of food,” which includes fresh fruit and vegetables, breads and non-perishable items such as boxed foods.

Prior to the pandemic this program was selective and involved an interview process. However, it has now opened up to anyone who lives in the county needing food assistance.

Weaver said this type of ministry was very important as it helps to relieve some of the financial stress that people are facing caused by factors related to the pandemic.

“It has been a blessing beyond words for us to be able to do this,” she explained. “There are so many families that are struggling right now, and we want to end any stigma to make sure they know it isn’t just for if you are poor or homeless. If we can give people groceries then they can put that money towards other things like bills or medicine.”

The church offers this ministry every second and fourth Monday of the month at their building located at 923 3rd Ave NW.

Those picking up food will need to prove residence in Shelby County with something like a utility bill, rent or mortgage statements.

FBC Alabaster is also accepting donations by check or through e-giving on their website at Fbcalabaster.org