“Camp Oaks” brings field trip to students

Published 10:07 am Monday, March 22, 2021

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By NATHAN HOWELL | Staff Writer

PELHAM – To make up for the missed trips, activities and other fun things Pelham Oaks students missed out on over the past year, the school brought the fun to students by transforming into Camp Oaks for the day March 15.

The camp was set up by the school’s faculty with help the help of School Resource Officer Paul Martin, who all helped create an elaborate camp theme that students were surprised by when they walked into school that morning.

“The thinking behind this was that the students had so much taken away from them over the past year because of the pandemic like field trips and other fun events,” Principal Chase Holden said. “We were trying to find a way to bring something fun to the students that was different and out of the normal sort of things that we do.”

The whole school participated in the event as the hallways were decorated to look like a campsite.

“We decorated each hallway with a different camping theme,” Holden said. “We had a forest theme, mountain theme and camping at night, so that there was some variety for everyone.”

Camp Oaks accomplished its goal of providing a fun and safe outlet for students as there was a variety of activities for students to participate in throughout the day.

“Teachers worked in camping themes and lessons into their classes and during physical education we had an archery demonstration which was really fun,” Holden explained. “In the cafeteria we had a camping themed lunch and we actually made some smores for the kids for lunch, which they really enjoyed.”

The students loved the event and were excited to be surprised with a whole day of engaging activity even if they did not get to leave the school.

“They loved it,” Holden said. “It was so different from anything we have done in the past. As soon as they came in the door they were really surprised.”

Holden said that the teachers and staff really committed to it, as they dressed up as campers to help immerse the students in the experience. SRO Martin also participated by decorating a “Ranger Station,” where students could stop by and meet with him.

“It was just a good way for us all to come together and do something fun we were still learning like a normal day,” Holden said.