Ribbon cutting ceremony held for Workspace

Published 2:12 pm Wednesday, March 31, 2021

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By NATHAN HOWELL | Staff Writer

PELHAM— The Shelby County Chamber hosted a grand-opening event on March 30 for a new coworking office space called Workspace, which will seek to provide an office-like setting for people who might not have access to that.

The business held a soft opening last month, where people were able to take advantage of the different spaces that it provides for a large variety of groups to work outside of a traditional office.

According to Workspace Managing Partner Steven Miller, the company was started after their head company began consolidating its corporate offices.

“When we were left with this space we tossed around ideas, and we saw that small businesses, startups and entrepreneurs were stuck in long-term tight leases that they could not get out of,” Miller explained. “We thought we could address those issues with this space.”

The Shelby County Chamber held the grand-opening event to officially welcome the business to the city, by networking and connecting with city leaders like Pelham Mayor Gary Waters and City Councilperson Rick Wash, as well as local business leaders.

Waters expressed his enthusiasm in supporting small businesses in the city, explaining that they were the backbone to the local economy.

“About 15 years ago we had a council member in open council who said that what Pelham has to do is get rid of mom and pop shops and open big box stores,” Waters recalled. “He didn’t get reelected and that didn’t happen. Our stock and trade in Pelham is small businesses like you.”

The idea behind this business is to embrace and support other small businesses in the area, by providing them an easily accessible space to get work done with the necessary equipment to make it happen.

“We provide a lot of the technology that some of the other coworking spaces do not provide. We have monitors and great audio systems for team zoom meetings,” Miller said. “We are really excited to use this space to bring startups, young professionals, doctors and lawyers to use this space.”

One of the major consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic has been that many people were forced out of offices and now have to work from home. Even as restrictions and mandates ease, many of these people are not returning to their offices to work.

“With a lot of people working from home and getting tired of that. It gives people a place to go to get that professional atmosphere,” said Workspace Executive Assistant Sally Shaver. “They can do a big presentation, have a team meeting or just focus time. We will be able to provide a space to go that isn’t a coffee shop. “

The company has several rooms that can address the needs for most types of companies. There are also spaces for individuals who need to be in a professional setting to get their work done.

Workspace takes appointments for office reservation, and their pricing is based on their spacing need.

More information about Workspace and the services they offer can be found at WorkspaceBirmingham.com.