Thompson students spend a ‘Night Under the Stars’

Published 8:50 am Wednesday, April 28, 2021

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By NATHAN HOWELL | Staff Writer 

ALABASTER – Students at Thompson High School spent a “Night Under the Stars,” when the school hosted its prom on Saturday, April 24.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, there was uncertainty among the school administrators about whether they would be able to have one in the first place, but everything eventually came together.

“The good news was two-fold for us,” said THS Principal Dr. Wesley Hester. “When we communicated the initial news that we’d be able to move forward with a prom this year it was very exciting and well-received. It was a pleasant surprise for everyone, and we were all overjoyed for the opportunity to have a true prom that we could host here at the high school.”

To ensure the safety of everyone, students were split into two sessions, which ran from 6-8:30 p.m. and from 9:30 p.m. to midnight. Between these two groups, just under 500 students attended the event.

“Having a large enclosed courtyard area was a big benefit to us, as it allowed us to conduct a prom and do it in a way that would meet all of the COVID-19 guidelines, and other health and safety regulations that we are still operating under. We put together a really solid plan to make it work.”

Prom is often one of the biggest highlights for students, especially graduating seniors, and Hester said that he could tell that they were enjoying themselves and really making memories at the event.

“We were just so blessed to be able to do this,” Hester explained. “To see their faces when they came through the door Saturday night made it well worth all of the planning and precautions. They were very appreciative of the format on both sides of it. They were grateful just to be there.”

The prom’s “Under the Stars” theme also added to the allure of the event, as it was emphasized with the location and setting that the school had created.

“It had its own theme and décor, and all of the pagentry items and other things that you purchase to create that kind of environment,” Hester said. “It certainly played to our favor to have an outdoor prom and use this theme.”

Hester also expressed that he was very proud of the students for rolling with the changes that had to happen to make the event possible.

“They did not let those minor tweaks that we made get in their way of having a good time and a fun experience at their school prom,” he said.