Holy Hike to explore Cahaba Lily Park

Published 2:49 pm Monday, May 3, 2021

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HELENA – A hike set for June 5 will explore Cahaba Lily Park in Helena while also offering guests the opportunity to connect with their faith in an outdoor setting.

Holy Hikes are a program that were started by in the San Francisco Bay Area and chartered by several Episcopal churches throughout the country as a way to provide spiritual lessons in an outdoor setting.

St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church chartered their own Holy Hikes program and will explore Cahaba Lily Park for their June hike.

“This is an opportunity for anyone from our church, or from the public in general, to show up and go on a small hike that is three miles or less,” said Allen Howell. “The most stunning aspect of this particular location is that you can walk down and see this gorgeous native plant that is hard to see anywhere else in the world. I anticipate that this will be one of our biggest hikes.”

Howell said that they wanted to do these hikes because they realized how strong of a connection that people can develop with God when they are out in nature.

“One of the reasons for starting this is that there are people who find a closer relationship with God in nature than they do sitting in the pews of a church,” Howell explained. “The hike allows us to knock down those walls. Some people go just to be outside and look at plants and animals as well. This does not replace brick and mortar Sunday service, but it provides another avenue or opportunity.”

The hikes will feature spiritual aspects such as meditation and occasionally a Eucharist and other spiritual lessons that play into the holy aspect of the hike. There are usually three structured stops along the way where these will happen.

This is a family-friendly event and people are encouraged to bring swimwear, inflatable or canoes if they would like to get in the river.

Howell said that the beauty of the area around the park provided for an excellent opportunity for guests to get out and feel connected to nature and God.

More information about the Holy Hike can be found on the Holy Hikes Birmingham Facebook page.