A therapeutic touch: Absolute Health and Wellness opens

Published 11:28 am Monday, May 17, 2021

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ALABASTER – A new health center called Absolute Health and Wellness recently opened in Alabaster with the goal of providing services like therapeutic stretching and massages to help improve overall health.

Stefanie Woodrow said that she opened this business as a way to offer services that would help to do things like improve circulation, help with pain management and prevent illnesses and the complications they can cause.

“To me the most important thing for people to know is that what we have is very unique because of our approach,” Woodrow said.  “The focus is on the wellness and trying to help people recover and improve their health moving forward. We have created a good environment to come into and relax and feel comfortable, which you may not get at places like gyms.”

One of the focuses of the business is assisted stretching. This is a passive activity where a therapist will manipulate the patient’s body while they try to relax their muscles.

“Assisted stretching can help to strengthen the muscles, improve flexibility, improve circulation and it can also be really good for pain,” Woodrow said. “A lot of people will have maxed out their traditional physical therapy recommended by their doctor, so we can be an outlet for them to continue to improve. So many people have communicated that they receive pain relief from these services. After a couple days they have said it helps them get back to their day-to-day routine.”

Absolute Health and Wellness also offers therapeutic massages, which are designed to mitigate stress and improve relaxation.

The location also offers group fitness classes and teaches practices like juvo, barre and yoga.

“We are also trying to add in a group stretching class to help teach people about how to elongate and improve circulation and core fitness,” Woodrow said. “We are not a place where people just come in and do their own thing. We want to educate our clients and ensure that they really know these things to improve their health. These practices can improve circulation, flexibility and potentially prevent diseases.”

Woodrow said that those interested in accessing their services should make an appointment on their website at Absolutehealthwellness.com.