DaySol Coffee Lab begins offering interactive roasting experience

Published 2:33 pm Thursday, June 10, 2021

By NATHAN HOWELL | Staff Writer

HELENA – DaySol Coffee Lab opened its doors to customers in Old Town Helena on Saturday, June 5 offering a unique behind-the-scenes experience to coffee lovers.

The business functions as a roastery, instead of a coffee shop, where customers can see how their coffee is made and learn how to properly brew it.

The roastery was started by Bert Davis and Peter Solis who combined the first part of each of their last names to form the name DaySol.

As the head roaster, Davis is responsible for ensuring the coffee is properly roasted in the company’s hand-crafted San Franciscan Coffee Roaster. This roaster was on full display as customers made their way to the store’s grand opening.

“I think our grand opening was well-received,” Davis said. “We are a walk-in roastery, not a coffee shop, so that is a little bit of a learning experience for new customers. I did a brewing demonstration every hour though so that they could see the different methods and offered tasting.”

Davis explained that the driving focus of the shop is to make people more aware of where their coffee comes from and how it becomes the high-quality cup that they end up sipping.

“Throughout the week I am setting up a specific demonstration and it will be set up on the bar all week,” Davis said. “We are doing AeroPress this week. Then we are doing something different to introduce everyone to a little variety. I love getting to watch them see how different each method makes the coffee taste. They were really wowed by that.”

DaySol is currently offering three different signature blends: Gratitude, Wanderlust and Odyssey. Davis said that each of these blends are perfect for the different methods of brewing that he demonstrates.

With the business in full-swing, Davis is going to begin offering a Coffee 101 class that will teach interested guests about all things coffee. This class will focus on some of the more confusing and intimidating aspects of coffee making including things like terminology and brewing methods.

The first class will take place on Friday, June 18 from 7-8 p.m. and the cost is $20.

More information about DaySol Coffee Lab, its products, demonstrations and classes can be found at