Pelham Council denies potential garden homes requests

Published 9:51 am Monday, June 28, 2021

By NATHAN HOWELL | Staff Writer

PELHAM – Two rezoning resolutions that attracted a lot interest from the public failed during the Pelham City council meeting on June 21.

These two requests would rezone their respective areas from an agricultural district to a garden home residential district.

The first measure would have allowed developer SNO Inc. to build around 30 garden homes above Ridge Drive. This motion failed with no council members willing to open it up for a vote.

During the council meeting on June 6, several residents raised concerns related to the road along Ridge Drive being too narrow, issues with water mains and issues associated with the construction process.

The second measure would see a large neighborhood of garden homes built in the Grey Oaks community. This resolution was brought to a vote and was defeated unanimously by present members of the City Council.

Most of the concerns with this request were related to the impact on traffic and issues with ingress and egress from the neighborhood.

John Reamer represented the development company Grey Oaks Gardens, LLC. for the request.  During the meeting he expressed that the new development would address the issue of entrances and exits.

“We have three entrances with full turn lanes in and out of Highway 11 planned,” Reamer said. “We are going to do everything the community asks for as far as turn lanes unless there is a new rule about exits.”

Council member Larry Palmer said that in the future it would be easier for him, and the public, to make more informed decisions on these matters with more information available.

“The input from the citizens is what we need. I appreciate you for taking your time,” Palmer said. “We have dealt with a lot of issues with rezoning. This is how I make my decision. I ask what would be beneficial and what their (developers) intentions are.”