Healthcare professionals honored at annual awards luncheon

Published 3:11 pm Wednesday, June 30, 2021

By EMILY SPARACINO / Staff Writer 

COLUMBIANA – Local healthcare workers received well-deserved recognition for their efforts at a special luncheon on Wednesday, June 30 at the Grande Hall at Old Mill Square.

The Shelby County Chamber’s seventh annual Healthcare Professional of the Year Luncheon highlighted those who have made outstanding contributions to their communities and achieved noteworthy goals in the healthcare field.

Prior to the awards presentation, Dr. John Croushorn, an emergency medicine physician at Shelby Baptist Medical Center in Alabaster, spoke in a video message about his experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic, first treating patients diagnosed with the virus before battling it himself seven months later.

“I have a phrase that I love, although I don’t know who to attribute to: ‘Expect nothing and appreciate everything,’” Croushorn said. “That describes a good perspective on my year last year during the COVID pandemic. I not only was a doctor that treated patients during the COVID pandemic, but I’m a survivor of COVID-19, and I was a patient in our own hospital.”

Croushorn also talked about the importance of serving others through leadership.

“I believe that service to others is where the most enjoyment and satisfaction in life is found,” Croushorn said. “Although I was able to provide service to others, I received service from others during my illness. Serving provides a rewarding way of living, and at the end of the day when you lay your head down, if you spent your life on others, your satisfaction is hard to put into words.”

Croushorn emphasized the choice one can make each day to honor and elevate others through his or her words, thoughts and actions.

“I believe that we’re meant to serve. We can choose to hope and we can choose to give ourselves to others,” he said. “It’s simple: Value others and serve them.”

The following are the 2021 Healthcare Professional of the Year nominees:

  • Devin Davis, American Family Medicine nurse
  • Amy Lynn Dispennette, ExpectCare nurse
  • Courtnay Dunn, ExpectCare nurse
  • Lina Evans, Shelby County coroner, Safe Shelby
  • Dr. Justin Fogo, Chelsea Family Chiropractic
  • Jennifer Garrett, Alabaster City Schools nurse
  • Dr. Lee Goldenberg, Greystone Chiropractic
  • Dr. Luis A. Gonzalez, Gonzalez & Carr P.C.
  • Hub Harvey, Shelby County Emergency Management Agency director
  • Dr. J. Andrew Ho, VisionFirst Eye Center
  • Dr. Tracy Jacobs, Grandview Medical Group
  • Kellie Kelly, Helena High School nurse
  • Dr. Nicholas J. Kentros, Pelham Dental Care
  • Lance Lee, ExpectCare community educator
  • Daniel Listi, Shelby Baptist Medical Center chief executive officer
  • Dr. Timothy Nettles, Columbiana Family Dentistry
  • Dr. Kelly Page, Chelsea Orthodontics
  • Andrea Pitts, ExpectCare nurse
  • Dr. Jamie Reid, Helena Vision Care
  • Carin Rutland, Shelby Baptist Medical Center director of pharmacy
  • Dr. Bobby F. Shunnarah, Montevallo Family Dentistry
  • Doug Snider, Snider’s Pharmacy
  • Hanna Stiltner, Soul Story Therapy
  • Laura Tucker, ExpectCare social worker

The 2021 Healthcare Professional of the Year award recipients were:

  • Heart of Healthcare – Dr. Nicholas J. Kentros, Pelham Dental Care, and Hanna Stiltner, Soul Story Therapy
  • Committed to Community – Dr. Bobby F. Shunnarah, Montevallo Family Dentistry
  • Legacy of Excellence – Shelby County Coroner Lina Evans
  • Healthcare Professional of the Year – Shelby County EMA Director Hub Harvey