Alabaster Milo’s sets opening date

Published 1:31 pm Monday, August 9, 2021

By NATHAN HOWELL | Staff Writer

 ALABASTER – Milo’s Hamburgers is expected to open its 22nd location in Alabaster on Sept. 9.

“For the past 75 years Milo’s has been serving fans across Alabama,” CEO of Milo’s Hamburgers Tom Dekle said. “In 2020 we launched the Milo’s Burger Bus and had the opportunity to bring Milo’s directly to the people of Alabaster and the response was great! Because of the many requests we receive on our website and the response from the Burger Bus being in the community, this made Alabaster an obvious choice of where we should open our next location.”

Marketing Director Mary Duncan Proctor said the company Is equally excited and ready to start serving the community.

“Alabaster was a natural location for us,” Proctor said. “We are a Birmingham based company and it is just right outside of the area. We came through with our Burger Bus and had a really good response from the community. Since then, we have been getting a lot of social media and website requests to officially open a store there.”

This Milo’s location will be unique among its stores, as it will function as a drive-thru only restaurant.

At the time of its opening, customers will go through the drive-thru for the entire ordering process. Not long after opening, Milo’s will have mobile ordering and delivery options so guests can park and grab their food, and delivery options through services like Doordash.

“When designing the new location, customer convenience is top priority,” Dekle said. “To best service customers at this location, we will be drive thru only for the first few weeks. Milo’s will have curbside service available through the Milo’s App and website to make picking up a meal quick and seamless with contactless payment a few weeks after the grand opening. This is the first ever Milo’s to be drive thru, pick-up and delivery only.”

Milo’s plans to hire a minimum of 25 employees to staff the store.

Additionally, during its opening, Milo’s will offer giveaways for a limited number of its first customers in this new location. The first 100 guests in line on Sept. 9-11 will receive a prize, which will vary by day. These include a bottle of Milo’s Famous Sauce and French fry seasoning on the first day, Milo’s swag on the second day and a Tervis and koozie on the final day.

“At Milo’s our motto is: always strive to give ‘a little something extra,’” says Proctor said. “Our fans observe this in many ways with the obvious being the little extra piece of meat on our original burger and extra fries tossed in every bag. Milo’s plans to give a little something extra in a number of unique and exciting ways during the grand opening celebration!”

Milo’s has also partnered with Hatching Hope, a disaster recovery nonprofit organization, which will receive 20 percent of each junior meal purchased during the grand opening week.

The location sits in a freshly renovated building at 1103 1st Street N, where Krystal’s once operated.

More information can be found by visiting