KATs delivery sets goal of helping local businesses

Published 2:16 pm Thursday, September 2, 2021

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Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the world has seen an unprecedented increase in the usage of delivery services across the board.

As variants arise and lockdowns continue, delivery apps have experienced a massive influx of customers outside of their average demographic in need of on-demand delivery services.

The industry is booming, with various companies popping up to join in America’s new normal.

While many of these services fizzle out due to market saturation, one local delivery service in Alabama has risen above the competition, proudly serving the Birmingham-metro area for the last seven years.

While there are certainly massive corporations leading the industry, not every geographic location has access to on-demand delivery apps for food, retail and necessities.

For some areas, it takes smaller companies to give the growing areas the feel and service of a larger city.

In metro-Birmingham, Kathryn Jenkins, known as KAT, came in to do precisely that.

Founded in 2014, KATs Delivery began as a purpose-driven vision by Jenkins, a registered nurse who at the time was suffering from Scleroderma. After her passing, her son Maurice Mercer took it upon himself to take her vision to fruition.

“Celebrating our seventh year in business, KATs is wholeheartedly committed to providing unparalleled service to the great state of Alabama,” read a statement from Mercer.

As a recent graduate from the Goldman Sachs 10K Small Business Program through Babson College, Mercer has used KATs platform to not only serve the but support local businesses in their time of need.

Appointed to the RMDA (Restaurant, Marketing and Delivery Association) Board of Directors, Mercer has become a pioneer for modern convenience as KATs becomes Alabama’s number one residential and commercial delivery app.

Unlike other larger food delivery services, KATs works with local establishments to find great deals and meals for their customers and clients who use their app.

For most local and small establishments, it is quite expensive to offer delivery or hire a delivery driver. KATs empowers these local restaurants to save on delivery costs while expanding their reach and increasing revenue.

KATs continues to grow at a rapid pace, currently serving Jefferson, Shelby, Chilton and Pike counties with plans to expand into additional areas in the near future.

As the nation continues to navigate a dynamically changing societal landscape, there will be an ever-present need for stronger and effective delivery services.

KATs is doing just that as they continue to provide a broad range of services to customers from food and grocery delivery to retail, catering and meal prep delivery, as well as alcohol delivery.

Seven years strong, KATs has rapidly become the one-stop shop for all delivery-related services in the Alabama area. To learn more about KATs and innovations on the horizon, visit Katsdelivery.com.