Helena Library to hold Fire Prevention Week

Published 8:00 am Tuesday, September 28, 2021

By MICHELLE LOVE | Staff Writer

HELENA – The Jane B. Holmes Public Library in Helena will commence Fire Prevention Week throughout the week of Oct. 3-9.

Fire Prevention Week is sponsored by the National Fire Protection Association, and this year’s campaign will be titled “Learn the Sounds of Fire Safety.” Through educational videos, the NFPA will provide attendees with information on proper fire safety and prevention.

Children will learn about the different sounds smoke and carbon monoxide detectors make, and will also be provided with proper safety measures they can take to both prevent fires from happening and how to respond in the event a fire occurs.

The Fire Prevention Week schedule is as follows:

Oct. 4-9: Free activity sheets offered

Monday, Oct. 4: An educational video featuring Sparky the Fire Dog

Tuesday, Oct. 5: “Learn the Sounds of Fire Safety” video

Wednesday, Oct. 6: “I Spy Sounds of Fire Safety”

Thursday, Oct. 7: A video featuring the history and future of firefighting

Friday, Oct. 8: A historical video about the Chicago fire of 1871

For further info on Fire Prevention Week, visit NFPA.org, or call the Helena Library at (205) 664-8308.