Shelby County Schools issues warning about TikTok challenge

Published 1:17 pm Monday, October 4, 2021


The Student Services Team for Shelby County Schools has issued a system-wide message warning parents about a social media challenge currently circulating.

The social media challenge, called “Deviant Licks,” is designed to encourage students to gain “TikTok” notoriety by either damaging or stealing school property and posting a video of their actions on social media.

“This challenge is going on nationwide, and we are also seeing this take place within our schools,” the message read. “It is also our understanding that this TikTok challenge is slated for the entire school year with each month presenting a different challenge for students.”

SCS is asking parents to have a conversation with their students to let them know the negative consequences they could face if they participate in this type of behavior.

“Our administrators are already dealing with multiple issues in our schools at all grade levels,” the message read. “The restrooms are receiving the greatest amount of damage, such as soap dispensers being pulled off the wall, soap being taken from the restrooms and paper towel dispensers being jammed or broken. If students are caught vandalizing, stealing school property or participating in very inappropriate behavior, they will face discipline per the Student Code of Conduct and could also face legal consequences.”