Pelham welcomes new location of The Ryan Clinic

Published 9:08 am Thursday, October 28, 2021

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By MICHELLE LOVE | Staff Writer 

PELHAM – The city of Pelham welcomed a new resident with open arms Wednesday, Oct. 27. The Ryan Clinic, a naturopathic remedy facility, celebrated its new location on County Road 33 with a special ribbon cutting ceremony.

Many of Pelham’s finest were in attendance including Mayor Gary Waters, Alabama Representative Kenneth Paschal and City Council President Maurice Mercer. Owner Helen Ryan stood in front of the building and told everyone how grateful they were for such a big turnout.

“We’re really excited. We are all just so happy we get to work together. This energy of all of us being here together has really caused what we had started growing even more.”

Originally located on Valleydale Road, the clinic offers a variety of different services to help people find a natural health plan that specifically meets their needs. Ryan said they were looking to expand, but it wasn’t until their previous property manager wanted to sell the building they were in that they felt the time was right.

“It was one of those situations where things happen and you don’t necessarily expect them to happen, but it’s time to be pushed out of a nest,” Ryan said.  “That was essentially the situation where we were looking to expand.”

“The Ryan Clinic strives to help clients understand what methods will best support their body and identify what makes them sick,” a press release read. “From babies yet to be born to the elderly, to collegiate and professional athletes, and to everyone in between, The Ryan Clinic seeks to assist people who need help in dealing with significant illnesses, to those looking to enhance their sports performance, to healing from COVID-19 and much more.”

Ryan said this new location will allow guests a way to receive multiple services in one area without having to hop from place to place.

“Here, you’ll be able to go from one service to another service, to another service,” she said. “Whereas where we were before, everyone was in different spaces and different days because that’s just how we had to do it.”

Ryan placed an emphasis on the importance of The Ryan Clinic’s work, and said their approach is to be a support system for the people who seek out their facility.

“We really look at the whole person, so they really have not only physical things in terms of physiology and getting balanced, but then there’s massage and aesthetics and reflexology and then of course the more clinical things,” Ryan said. “We want to look at the whole person as opposed to one or two issues.”

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