Rare yellow Cardinal visits Helena home

Published 8:42 am Wednesday, November 3, 2021

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By MICHELLE LOVE | Staff Writer

HELENA – Helena resident Nick Giambrone has had a special visitor come to his bird feeder for several weeks now: a rare yellow Cardinal bird. The bird has been visiting Giambrone every day, and he said he is always excited to see the bird make an appearance.

“Well, if I’m honest I was actually surprised at just how excited I got the first time I realized what I was seeing,” Giambrone said. “The days that followed were filled with anticipation of ‘will he return?’ And much happiness when he did.”

Giambrone said he’s always had an impressive turnout of your usual bird sightings at his feeder, such as red Cardinals, Finches and Doves. The yellow Cardinal’s appearance was definitely a first.

He put out game cameras to get pictures of the Cardinal, reviewing the memory card each day to see if he had captured any good shots. Giambrone said the bird usually makes an appearance early at dawn or later in the afternoon. No matter the time of day, he has captured some excellent shots of the feathered friend.

Though the bird has become a regular to his feeder, Gambrione said he has not given the Cardinal a name.

“I just take ownership and call him my little yellow Cardinal,” he said. “Hope he stays a while longer.”