A good week for our local police units

Published 12:31 pm Tuesday, December 14, 2021

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Feeling safe and comfortable in our daily lives is one of the most important aspects of life that we tend to ignore because we have a million other life problems being thrown our way.

This past week, however, our local law enforcement agencies in Shelby County went the extra mile in several different ways.

Over the weekend, a police chase that could have gone awry, ended up ending as peacefully as possible.

When a Montevallo man was pulled over for erratic driving, he attempted to flee police first in his car and then via foot, allegedly throwing drugs out of his possession while fleeing, according to the Calera Police Department.

Responding officers from Calera and Alabaster pursued the suspect, ultimately choosing to reach for their taser to allow for a peaceful arrest.

We all know the other way that could have ended, but because of attention to training and making sure their officers are prepared for the most difficult of situations, the responding units handled it without anyone losing a life.

And that dedication to making sure they are prepared spreads throughout the county from the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office to local municipalities and their police forces.

The Helena Police Department gave us another glimpse of what is being done to not only hold themselves accountable but make the public feel safer when they debuted their new body-cam equipment.

Helena Police Chief Brad Flynn called it a “game changer” because of what it will do for both officer and public safety.

Their new technology straps to the inside of their uniform for better protection to keep from being ripped off. It can detect when an officer is down and alert other nearby officers, while it can also tell how long a gun is un-holstered for.

In addition to those examples of law enforcement taking proper steps to protection, the Alabaster Police Department has increased its presence around the busy shopping area of the Promenade this holiday season to help shoppers feel safe and to prevent any theft or other crime.

These positive signs are steps that continue to show law enforcement in Shelby County trying to build a bond with its residents to form a strong police-citizen relationship.