Facing fears is about more than ourselves

Published 8:56 am Monday, January 10, 2022


On May, 16, 2021, Alabaster firefighter Jamada Green was faced with his biggest fear—heights.

In an Alabama State Trooper helicopter hovering above, Green faced his fear head on as he looked down into a local rock quarry where two people, including an injured teen, had fallen 75 feet down the face of a cliff.

Green woke up that morning terrified of heights and definitely with the mindset of never getting on a helicopter. But the day was still young.

As soon as it was determined the best course of action to rescue the two people was via helicopter, the determination to save the them overruled the terror that haunted him when he woke up that morning.

He volunteered to descend into the quarry to provide medical attention to the injured teen and remove both the dangerous situation.

In that moment, he not only faced his fears, but in doing so, he was able to save the lives of two people in a terrifying situation for all involved.

Green was honored during halftime of the 2021 Birmingham Bowl at Protective Stadium in December for his heroic efforts, and rightfully so, but more than the heroic effort, the message he sent along with it is one that should hold a special place with all of us.

We all have fears, and most of the time those fears hold us back and prevent us from impacting others in our life.

Even the simplest of fears can make a difference on how we go about our daily life.

And early in a new year, we often start thinking about the year that lies ahead and the fears of the unknown.

If Green can descend close to 80 feet on a rope with the threat of falling to his own death for other people, then most of us can face the challenges we face every day.

What happens if you do live every day ready to conquer our biggest fear will blow you away.

Green was a true hero in his efforts, and while facing your daily fears may not make you a hero to the world, it can make you a hero to somebody else that day.

Each day, we have a chance to leave an impact, and are we really living our life to the fullest if we don’t? That’s a real thought to ponder as we trek through 2022.