Helena Council approves agreement with Sain Associates, Inc.

Published 9:50 am Thursday, January 13, 2022

By MICHELLE LOVE | Staff Writer 

HELENA – The Helena City Council approved a proposal to enter into an agreement with Sain Associates, Inc. for regular maintenance of city streets.

“Sain Associates will be preparing a proposal for our city-maintained streets and to help us come up with a plan to keep our streets maintained regularly,” Council member Alice Lobell said during the meeting.

Sain Associates is a local civil engineering firm that was picked by Mayor Brian Puckett to handle the project. According to Project Manager Matt Stoops, Sain Associates has conducted assessments in five other cities including Trussville and Irondale.

“I am excited to see the city enter into an agreement with (Sain Associates) on our Streets Report,” he said. “Their engineering analysis of all of roads and a documented plan on how to maintain them will help the city leverage our limit resources to best preserve our roads. After months of discussion with (Sain Associates), I felt that now would be the best time to present this solution to the Council.”

After an assessment of the city roads, the firm will work with the city of Helena in forming a 5-8 plan to make sure the streets are updated to optimum standards and that they remain that way. Puckett said the plan Sain Associates provides will provide the city with opportunities to strengthen infrastructure and mobility throughout the city.

“I am thankful that our Council understands and appreciates the need for proper planning on various infrastructure areas is key to future success,” he said. “I am excited to see us be able to put our resources to work in ways that are most beneficial.”

“We’ll be looking forward to having our proposal and getting our streets maintained on a regular basis,” Lobell said.