Dalmatians for days: Students celebrate 101st day of school with creative activities

Published 4:31 pm Monday, February 21, 2022


CHELSEA – Forest Oaks Elementary School teacher Denise Scroggins is accustomed to students filling her classroom, but on Friday, Feb. 4, she was surrounded by Dalmatian look-alikes.

Scroggins and her first-grade students celebrated the 101st day of school with educational activities that incorporated the number 101—and the well-known spotted dog breed from the movie “101 Dalmatians.”

“The kids dress up like Dalmatians for ‘101 Dalmatians,’ and I do Dalmatian Stations,” Scroggins said. “They just love it.”

Scroggins set up several STEM activities, in which students completed tasks like building a dog bowl with Legos and building a tower with spotted cups.

In another activity, students walked around the classroom and wrote down 101 words they saw on posters, labels and books.

“We did an activity together where we took 101 items, and I showed them how you would group 100 things into groups of 10 and how you would have one left over,” Scroggins added.

Although the day seemed to pass quickly, Scroggins said the students enjoyed getting into character with their Dalmatian costumes and face paint and completing activities that were a bit different from the normal routine.

It was the type of day Scroggins said she capitalizes on to promote a love of school and learning.

“At this age, they have to learn so much, and school can be so overwhelming,” Scroggins said. “They don’t get to do something like this all the time, so that’s my philosophy: just make it as fun as you possibly can. They’re only young once.”