Alabaster Fire Department responds to record number of calls in 2021

Published 7:44 am Tuesday, February 22, 2022

By EMILY REED | Special to the Reporter 

ALABASTER – The Alabaster Fire Department recently released the 2021 annual report for the department, noting some major accomplishments for the year.

Fire Chief Tim Love said the department saw its busiest year in 2021, which included:

-Responding to 4,186 total incident reports—a record for the department.

-Added the only full-time staffed ladder truck in Shelby County.

-Saved more than $1.6 million worth of property.

-Completed 27,772 total training hours.

-Performed 1,985 total fire inspections (including every commercial building in the city).

Love said due to the higher number of patients transported, EMS transport proved a challenge for the department, and the state as a whole.

“Personnel shortages, overloaded hospitals, long wait times at the emergency room, and fewer people following a career as a paramedic, has created severe stress on our transport system,” Love said. “I am very proud of our personnel for managing the increase in volume and the stress to our EMS system, while providing excellent service to our citizens.”

Love said Covid was still a factor for 2021, but was somewhat easier to manage for the department, due to the lessons they learned over the last two years.

Alabaster Mayor Scott Brakefield said he appreciates the hard work the fire department demonstrates every day in helping to keep the city of Alabaster safe.

“Alabaster Fire Department responded to a record number of incidents last year, saved more than $1.6 million worth of property and inspected every commercial building in the city,” Brakefield said. “None of that would have been possible without the leadership and dedication our firefighters showcase on a consistent basis.”