Hoover has interesting decision to make

Published 10:44 am Monday, February 28, 2022

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In November 2021, a new development proposal was brought to the Hover Planning and Zoning Commission for property located near one of the county’s busiest intersections.

The development, which encompasses 15.7 acres, would feature three commercial buildings, likely set to be restaurants, as well as 120 townhomes.

On Monday, Feb. 21, the Hoover City Council approved pre zoning for the development, which is headed by Signature Homes and Terra Equities.

The approval of the project actually being developed still has many hoops to jump through, including being annexed into the Hoover city limits from unincorporated Shelby County, which is next on the checklist.

It’s a decision, however, that can’t be taken lightly, considering it will be built near the intersection of Alabama 119 and U.S. 280.

Already one of the busiest intersections in Shelby County and the Birmingham-metro area, another 120 townhomes right next to the intersection would create even more congestion in the area.

Currently, the intersection is near major neighborhoods such as Meadowbrook, Greystone, Brook Highland and Eagle Point, as well as other residential areas.

In addition to that, you have three busy shopping centers in the area between Brook Highland Plaza, Tattersall Park and Lee Branch, while Walmart is directly across 280 from the proposed lot.

The commercial side of the development plan isn’t the issue, as more restaurants would be good to service the number of residents already living in the area, but adding 120 townhomes sandwiched between the two busy highways presents issues.

Traffic is clearly the main problem, considering there doesn’t seem a logistical way for residents to leave and turn left on 280.

Right now, it looks like a way to add a couple of restaurants and just throw more people into an already busy area that doesn’t seem necessary.

If the project was planned further down 119 going toward Leeds near Tattersall Park or even further down, maybe it would add up due to easier ways to access the major highways, but right now, there is still a lot that needs to be cleared up before this project really makes sense.