Shelby County Circuit Clerk’s Office testing online traffic violation resolution

Published 9:59 am Tuesday, March 22, 2022

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The Shelby County Circuit Clerk’s Office is testing a program that will allow individuals with certain traffic violations to resolve their tickets online instead of having to appear in court.

The Clerk’s office has for many years tested or piloted programs in all nine courts that have benefited not just Shelby County residents but other counties statewide who participated later in the program in their county.

Shelby County Circuit Clerk Mary Harris said she is excited about the project as it will give individuals who receive a citation a much easier way to have their citation resolved saving them time in the process. This should reduce time spent with calls to the office and may keep them from having to appear in court.

Although the program is not available on every traffic citation, it should make it easier for a large number of people if they are able to utilize the website and have their citation handled through the On-line Traffic Resolution System (O.T.R.)

Upon issuance of a citation, the deputy or trooper will give the defendant a yellow handout that gives them the information to access the Alabama Traffic Service Center and is in English and Spanish. They may access the website by going to  Individuals who receive a citation from a municipal police officer will still need to follow the procedure as listed on their citation.

This will allow some defendants with simple traffic citations to resolve their case online without the need to appear in court or come to the courthouse. Serious traffic offenses, such as DUI and reckless driving cannot be resolved through this program.

Through this website, individuals will be able to plead guilty, request a trial date, request more time to pay the citation, request defensive driving school for some offenses if you qualify, provide proof of insurance, driver’s license and equipment violations and pay their citation.

Once an individual makes their request, they will receive emails that document conversations between the court and the defendant to make it simple for them to keep up with the status of their case. If they are not eligible to apply for the program a notification will be sent that lets them know their request has been denied, and they will need to appear on the court date set.

Harris said she looks forward to having this program ready so in this age of technology an individual can access and keep up with the status of their court case electronically. If a case does not qualify you are given directions as to how to proceed with your case.