Elizabeth Moore Chocolates opens in Pelham

Published 11:26 am Wednesday, May 4, 2022

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By MICHELLE LOVE | Staff Writer

PELHAM – Susan Notter stands in the kitchen of her chocolatier shop, Elizabeth Moore Chocolates, preparing chocolate molds. She said she’s getting ready for a tasting set to happen the following day.

“It’s made from Meadow Milk,” she said of the chocolate she pours into the mold. “The milk for this chocolate is taken from only summer milk, and the cows graze on a protected biosphere.”

This is the consistent amount of care and quality that goes into every piece of chocolate Notter sells in her shop. The store officially opened Tuesday, April 12 in Pelham and has quickly become a favorite of chocolate lovers.

Everything on the shelves from passion fruit bonbons to chocolate bars are made fresh by Notter every day. She said her day typically starts at about 3:00 a.m. when she comes into the shop to start on the day’s projects. Though the days are long, she said she wouldn’t trade it for anything.

“I love this industry,” she said. “It’s hard work, and you have to love what you do, so I feel really blessed to do this. Now I can come in and create different things and do my ideas and what I want to do.”

Notter’s resume is a lifelong document ranging from her experience competing in the Culinary Olympics in Zurich to winning the Food Network TV show Halloween Wars. She grew up in England where she went to culinary school and worked in bakeries for several years before traveling to Germany where she continued to work in the pastry field. Eventually, she ended up in Switzerland and worked in chocolate departments of various pastry shops. In 1992 she moved to the United States, and in 2000 she opened the baking and pastry division at Culinard Culinary School. Her most recent feat was working for the Swiss Chocolate Company where she traveled around the world helping with product presentation and training.

As glamorous as it sounds, Notter realized she didn’t want to continue down that path. Her dream has been to own her own chocolate shop, and she said she realized if she didn’t do it now, it may not happen.

She chose Pelham as Elizabeth Moore’s location because she felt there was a need for fine handmade confections in the area so residents wouldn’t have to travel far to get their sweet tooth fix. With the surrounding neighborhoods like Helena and Alabaster, she felt Pelham would be an ideal place to set up shop. She has already established some regulars, but also enjoys the people who wander in to see exactly what this small establishment sells. With little plates of samples set up at the counter, they quickly become fans. Notter said she loves seeing how people react to her creations and the smile after that first bite always puts a smile on her own face.

Patrons have a wide variety of treats to choose from, and Notter loves to pull out the decorative treats for special events. For Easter she made chocolate decorative eggs that were almost too pretty to eat, and for Mother’s Day she’s planning on ornate chocolate purses. Eventually, she wants to start doing classes where she can teach people how to make their own chocolate treats at home.

“I want people to gain a new appreciation for chocolate and also for the quality level,” she said. “It’s not just a Hershey bar, the origin matters, the quality of everything we use matters. Every part of it is an important element to what we’re doing. In a way, it’s sort of an education. That experience in enjoying every bite and appreciating the chocolate.”

Elizabeth Moore Chocolates is located at 2742 Pelham Pkwy and is open Tuesday through Saturday 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.