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My Helena with Jackson Knox, 2021 Helena Volunteer of the Year

Published 12:20 pm Tuesday, June 28, 2022

    • Good times at the Buck Creek Festival: Buck Creek annual event has been one of the best. One of the best and most hilarious was a very windy day which was keeping the ducks going up stream instead of going over the dam. We had to herd the ducks over the dam against the wind.
    • Camaraderie: Boys Club gathering at Rios on Fridays. There, we discussed everything from football to events at work, or the dreaded politics. At times a napkin would be waved by anyone and the topic would be changed. We left more informed even if opinions didn’t change much.


    • The perfect bite: Zou’s Kitchen Mongolian Beef is a winner in my book. And Bits & Pieces at the former Coal Yard.


    • Santa Claus is comin’ to town: Christmas Eve after Santa comes by on the fire truck. It was Showtime at the Knox’s. The grandchildren would entertain the family with songs poems or a dance routine from class.


    • No Place Like Home…: Sandra and I had just moved in (a few weeks) when Mayor Sonny Penhale came by to welcome us to Helena. Having the mayor welcome your family to town said a lot about the man and Helena. Our first impression of Helena has been well founded.