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My Helena with Brad Radice

Published 7:01 am Wednesday, July 27, 2022

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Brad Radice: Samford University/Executive Director of Broadcast Media

The best of the best with Helena Schools:

Helena schools through its principals, teachers, office aides, support staff, and fellow parents have been amazing through the years.  The community built through our city’s schools is unique.


Take me to the ball game:

The buzz at the ball parks, whether it’s at the Sports Complex or Penhale Park, is truly something to feel and see up close and personal.  The roars from the crowd, the anxiety of the coaches, and the smiles on the faces of the boys and girls—is electric and contagious.


A Visit From Mr. Claus:

It is THE night of the Christmas season in Helena.   When you hear the roar of the fire engine turning onto your street and sense the excitement from the kids (and adults too), and see that Santa is visiting your house at Christmas—it gives you chills.  It’s a night when you can be a kid again—and feel the Christmas joy.


Sweet Treats from Mr. Larry and his Ice Cream Truck:

If there has been a constant in our time, over two houses, in Helena—it has been Mr. Larry showing up at just the right time in his ice cream truck.  You can hear the music from neighborhoods away and nothing sends our family into a frenzy—to find cash—and quickly make it to the driveway like Mr. Larry’s ice cream.


It’s always a good day for a festival:

The Buck Creek Festival is fun enough, but I see it as the coming together of my previous ‘Top Things’ in Helena.  At the festival, you bump into teachers, classroom parents, ballpark parents, your children’s classmates, and neighbors.  It brings the community together and it’s a reminder of just how tight of a Helena family we all are—you’re never a stranger at the Buck Creek festival.