Elvin Hill Elementary School has first day back

Published 2:34 pm Friday, August 12, 2022

By LIZZIE BOWEN | Staff Writer

COLUMBIANA – Elvin Hill Elementary school had its first day back to school on Aug. 11-12, and Principal Courtney Madison expressed how children could not be more excited to get started.

Children entered through the front of the building and were greeted by a massive “Welcome Back” display banner upon arrival and seemed to have a joyous and positive energy overall.

“It was like our own little family reunion,” Madison said. “Those who we haven’t seen, those who we might see often and those who are new to the family all gathering with hugs, smiles, high fives, along with a few first-day jitters.”

The student joy could not be contained upon arrival, nor could the intrigue of what the students have been up to this summer.

“The first days yield some of my favorite moments of the year: the stories of summer, the snaggle-toothed smiles, fifth graders who have grown to now look eye-to-eye and the best hugs to start the day,” Madison said.  “There’s nothing like it.”

The first day was a roaring success for all involved. Madison expressed her hopes and aspirations at Elvin Hill for the upcoming school year.

“The first day went incredibly smooth; better than we could have imagined,” Madison said. “We always have three goals on the first day: get them here, get them fed, and get them home. Mission was accomplished and that’s a huge first-day win.”

Madison said she continues to be amazed by the staff at Elvin Hill Elementary School and all their accomplishments.

“It is a team effort to make it all come to fruition with everyone rallying together to do what is best for our students and school community,” She said. “We have that at the Hill. It is an all hands on deck mentality.”

“The kids are excited. Our first day back was great,” said second grade teacher Hayden Jeffries.

This “back to school” day is the first time parents have been able to walk their children to the classroom since 2019 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This made the whole experience of students parting ways with their parents a lot easier according to Jeffries.

“For the first time in three years, parents have been able to walk their children in. Parents are excited, kids are excited.” Jeffries said.

This is a privilege that parents, students, staff, and faculty are all overjoyed to be able to experience again according to Madison.

“After two years of adjusting to a “new” normal, we are ready for what’s next,” Madison said. “Working together, inspiring others, and never giving up is what we’re striving to instill in all facets of their lives academically socially, and emotionally.”