Jeff State announces 50 percent off tuition for some dual enrollment students

Published 4:29 pm Tuesday, August 16, 2022


Jefferson State announced that dual enrollment students in general education classes for the fall 2022 semester will receive 50-percent off tuition and fees.

“Dual enrollment is a great way for students to save money and get a head start on their college education or career training,” Dual Enrollment Coordinator Pam Kelley said. “We are proud to serve over 2,200 dual enrollment students at Jefferson State. With this 50-percent discount offer along with scholarship opportunities, we expect the number of dual enrollment students to increase for the fall 2022 semester.”

There will continue to be a strong focus on career and technical education (CTE) programs.

“With the expansion of industry across the state, there is increased demand for trained employees,” Kelley said.

Dual enrollment students at Jefferson State can take advantage of the CTE scholarship and earn a certificate or degree in child development, computer information systems, emergency medical services, manufacturing technology (including welding) or office administration technology while they are in high school.

The CTE scholarship covers tuition, fees and textbooks for qualifying courses. For more information on the CTE scholarship, visit

Students who have participated in Jefferson State’s dual enrollment program found that it gave them important assets for their future endeavors.

“Dual enrollment has benefited me in many ways,” Tyler Bingham said, a welding student who graduated high school in May 2022 and is working toward his college degree. “It has allowed me to get ahead in my academic career and gotten me one step closer to being where I want to be—while also building many life skills such as time management, good work ethic and responsibility.”

The STEM scholarship, which covers tuition, fees and textbooks, is still in effect for dual enrollment students enrolled in science, math and computer science courses. This scholarship was added in fall 2021, and over 700 students have already taken advantage of it.

Students in the 10th, 11th, or 12th grade who are interested in dual enrollment at Jefferson State can get started by visiting