Mayhem on the Mountain makes its way to Pelham

Published 11:03 am Monday, August 22, 2022

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By LIZZIE BOWEN | Staff Reports

Pelham – The seventh annual Mayhem on the Mountain competition took place at Oak Mountain State Park on Saturday, Aug. 20 and Sunday, Aug. 21.

The Mayhem on the Mountain event is for people across the county to come together to pursue physical fitness and the love of exercise.

“We wanted to have an outdoor event that incorporated not only CrossFit, but also incorporated more elements of the outdoors: running, swimming dealing with of the heat,” Pennino said.

Pennino said he is pleased that the event has brought people together in the name of health, fitness and community.

“It not only encourages fitness,” Pennino said. “You have a collective amount of people with a like-minded goal that like to get together, cheer for each other, love on each other and support each other.”

The event was open to anyone no matter how much experience they had.

“We will have people who have never done this before call and ask to compete. They don’t work out very much, but they put this on their list of goals for 2022 (to compete on Mayhem on the Mountain,)” Pennino said.

Pennino said that there is a lot of family and community within the CrossFit and exercise world.

“I fell in love with the CrossFit community when I realized there was a community around fitness,” Pennino said. “A lot of people join the gym. It’s like they have a room full of family members which is a great support system for them to come back to.”

Pennino said he said he is very content holding the event at Oak Mountain State Park.

“The venue will never change. Oak Mountain has been so great to work with over the years, they accommodate us, they support us, they are investing in us,” Pennino said.

More information on Mayhem on the Mountain can be found on the Mayhem on the Mountain Facebook page