UA Alumni raise money for scholarships for SC Students

Published 2:46 pm Monday, August 22, 2022

By NOAH WORTHAM | Staff Writer 

INDIAN SPRINGS – The Shelby County University of Alabama Alumni chapter held its fall kickoff at on Thursday, Aug. 18.

Members met at Our Lady of the Valley Catholic Church at 6 p.m.

“This organization is about raising money for scholarships for students from Shelby County that want to go to the University of Alabama,” President of the chapter, Wayne Keith, said. “And this is one of the events where we raise the money and get our name out in front of people.”

The chapter does not charge for the event but instead has membership options for the chapter.

“This is a social event, but one of the things that we do is just give information, inform people as to what we do with the money, it goes to a good cause,” Keith said. “Sometimes, it makes a difference whether or not a Shelby County high school student goes to college or not. So, we’re very passionate about it.”

The fall kick-off this year was titled “Centers of Attention” in reference to their guest speakers Roger Shultz, Lou Green and Sid Smith who played Center during their time at Alabama.

“We try to do things to try to bring the community together,” said Michael Bridges, Our Lady of the Valley Catholic Church facilities director. “These guys have been great and we’re happy to have them here.”

Refreshments and hors d’oeuvres were prepared for those in attendance.

A table was present at the event representing The University of Alabama’s Hockey club.

“We’re here to try and help grow or program, get our name out to everybody here in the state of Alabama, get more people in the building for ourselves and really represent the game of hockey down south,” Head Coach of Alabama Hockey Phil Tesoriero said.

Tesorierio was joined by other Alabama organizations who held tables at the event.

“When the chapters have their kickoff events, it really signifies the beginning of football season and really helps to get people into that football spirit,” said Olivia Arnold, director of the Paul Bryant Museum at the University of Alabama. “It prepares us all for the season and gets us excited and hyped up.”

Pelham City Councilman Larry Palmer spoke to the audience during the event.

“This type of organization is important—it’s what the community is about—what this organization does, providing the scholarships is providing for our future,” Palmer said.

Chris Stewart, who moderated the discussion during the event, received a lifetime family membership to the Shelby County University of Alabama Alumni Chapter.

Those interested in further information about the chapter can visit