Pelham actress appears on hit show Stranger Things

Published 2:01 pm Tuesday, September 6, 2022

By LIZZIE BOWEN | Staff Writer

PELHAM – Tabitha Kilgore is a Pelham native actress who has appeared in the hit Netflix series Stranger Things.

Kilgore is originally from Alabaster, but currently resides in Pelham.

“I graduated from Thompson High School in 1996. Back then Pelham and Alabaster looked a lot different,” Kilgore said.

Kilgore said she receives a lot of support from her friends in Pelham and the Shelby County area.

“I currently live in Pelham. My friends are proud of me. I get asked a lot how to get started. Lots of friends repost clips on social media if they see something that I’m in,” Kilgore said. “I have been blessed with great people surrounding me.”

Kilgore said she enjoyed her time on the set of Stranger Things.

“Being on Stranger Things was a terrific experience,” Kilgore said. “Everyone on set was so kind: the directors, writers and fellow actors. It was such a fun set.”

Kilgore said the series was filmed in Georgia and was a “chilling” experience.

“The show was filmed in rural Georgia in the winter. It was very cold,” Kilgore said. “I can vividly remember how cold my feet were. I remember in between scenes wearing my Ugg boots. The wardrobe is set to look 80’s. The shoes I wore were very vintage.”

Kilgore said her original acting roots started in the Shelby County area, but she has always had a passion for acting.

“I took theater class at Thompson High School, but I have been performing in front of any mirror I came across for as long as I can remember,” Kilgore said. “Putting a name to being an entertainer of some sort came in high school. I’m not going to say I wanted to only be an actor, but I definitely knew I wanted to be in the entertainment industry in some aspect.”

Kilgore said she began pursuing acting in her 20s.

“In my 20’s I decided I wanted to attempt to get into film and commercials. I found a local theater class down town. Back then you could only find classes here in the Birmingham area. I met a lot of nice people and I learned a lot.”

Kilgore said she encourages anyone to pursue their dreams no matter what.

“You’re never too old to pursue your dreams. The best thing about this industry is you never age out. You always have a “face” for acting. My hope is everyone will be dream chasers and find what makes them most happy.” Kilgore said.

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