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City Faces September: Sergeant Will Ratcliffe with Helena Police Department

Published 8:59 am Wednesday, September 21, 2022

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Sergeant Will Ratcliffe is a prominent face with the Helena Police Department. Having been with HPD since 2017, he has always tried to be a friendly face in the community representing those who serve and protect.

Since he became Sergeant in 2021, he said his outlook has changed in that one of his main duties is to prioritize the safety and well-being of his fellow officers. He has also been asked to become the Shelby County Coordinator for the Alabama Law Enforcement Alliance for Peer Support, an organization that serves first responders following critical stress events, something he said happens all too often.

Ratcliffe said his favorite thing about working at the HPD is the outstanding people that care about each other and the city. His favorite thing about being a police offer, however, is also his least favorite thing.

“I rarely meet people on their best day, or even a good day,” he said. “I love being of service to people when they need it the most, but those can be the hardest days as well.”

In his spare time, he loves spending time with his children and taking the occasional outdoor adventure. His children are involved in local sports and dance in Helena and he loves attending their games and recitals. He said, when he has time available, he can be found in the Cahaba WMA hunting with his friends. He’s also a huge football fan, and said he’s looking forward to the Husky games this fall.

Ratcliffe said he wants people to understand that police officers are always prioritizing the safety of the community.

“I think that all too often people can see police officers as nothing more than an extension of the government, sticking our nose in your business and stepping on toes,” he said. “While we are employees of the government, I see us as servants of the people, trying to ensure safety and prosperity. I see traffic tickets in the same light. Every ticket or warning I write I hope will modify driving behavior so everyone gets home safe.”