Shelby County honors its first responders with appreciation lunch

Published 10:25 am Friday, September 30, 2022

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By LIZZIE BOWEN | Staff Writer

 PELHAM – Shelby County showed its pride and appreciation for its first responders by bestowing awards at a luncheon.

A luncheon was held at the Pelham Civic Center Wednesday, Sept. 29 at 11 a.m. to honor Shelby County first responders.

Chief Tim Alexander of the Montevallo Police Department presented an award to police officer Josh Hammond.

“Josh leads by example,” Hammond said. “He will come to work early, and for him early is on time and on time is late.”

Sheriff John Samaniego of the Shelby County Police Department presented its award to Deputy David Pressley.

“He has always gone above and beyond,” Samaniego said. “He demonstrates humility, and he never passes a cry for help, nor does he rest in seeking justice for a victim. He is well respected by his peers, and his example of humble service, integrity and leaders are why he is deserving of this award.”

Chief Pat Cheatwood of the Pelham Police Department gave its award to Daniel Turner.

“He is very patient and has a heart for teaching,” Cheatwood said. “Daniel is always willing to come out and do his job. He has excelled in many aspects of this job. We are all very proud of Daniel. He is one of the kindest individuals that you will ever meet.”

Chief Jeremy Littleton presented an award to Officer TJ Wolfe of the Montevallo Police Department.

“I am proud that he is a part of our police department,” Wolf said.

The Hoover Police Department was present and Executive Officer Kenneth Foundation gave the award to Patrol Officer Blake Walker.

“He exemplified honor and justice,” Foundation said.

Chief Brad Flynn of the Helena Police Department gave an award of recognition to Detective Kenn Lowery. “He has excelled in every way with our police department,” Flynn said. “He is spontaneous, and his attitude is contagious. He inspires everyone around him.”

Chief Theo Smith of Harpersville Police Department presented an award to Sergeant Kenneth Robinson.

“He has continued to take responsibility and control of every task we ask of him,” Smith said. “It is our fundamental duty to serve mankind, Sergeant Robinson does this every day. He understands it’s his responsibility to protect from disorder and violence. I am proud to stand here today as his police chief.”

Corporal Alexis Rittenhouse of the Columbiana Police Department was honored by Chief Jeff Bowers.

“Corporal Rittenhouse is the definition of a public servant,” Bowers said. “It is an honor to present her with this award.”

Calera Police Chief David Hyche presented his awards to both David Malpica and Juan Taborda. “They are humble,” Hyche said. “I am very proud that these two are getting this award.”

Chief Curtis Rigney of the Alabaster Police Department presented Corporal David Sharpe with an award.

“David has been a law enforcement officer for 39 years,” Rigney said. “Most importantly is David’s leadership and what he means to our younger officers. He has been a wonderful addition to our department. I can’t say enough about him.”

Pelham Fire Department Chief Mike Reid presented the award to Brent Rejonis who has 22 years of fire experience.

Brand Mills of North Shelby Fire and EMS presented an award to Lieutenant Brandon Miller. “We would like to recognize Miller for his excellence and service to our community.” Mills said.

Hoover Fire Department Chief Clay Bentley presented an award to fire medics David Edgar, Nathan Sweeney and Lovett.

“He is a prime example of what we think a firefighter paramedic should be,” Bentley said of Edgar. “He leads by example every day.”

Bentley praised Sweeney as well.

“Nathan (Sweeney) is an example of someone who is dedicated to their job,” Bentley said. “He is a professional on and off duty.”

Bentley spoke on Lovett’s contribution.

“Chase is one of the most educated guys we have,” Bentley said. “It is my pleasure to present him with this award.”

Captain Chad Agee of the Helena Fire Department presented its award to Stone Pritchett.

“He comes to work every day with a great attitude,” Agee said. “He is ready to get out there and serve our citizens. He is always happy and great to everyone he meets. He is truly a server of Shelby County. We are thrilled to have him working with us.”

Fire Chief Joe Lee of Chelsea Fire Department gave an award to Ethan Redden.

“Being a hero means we put our safety and well-being on the line,” Lee said. “Taking the time to help someone who can’t help themselves and our firefighter fits this description.”

Buddy Wilks of the Cahaba Valley Fire Department presented its award to EMT Marisa Hays, Battalion Chief John Roy and Firefighter Paramedic Hillary Castleberry.

Alabaster Fire Chief Tom Love presented an award to Dylan Burke.

“I always like to thank our brothers and sisters in blue,” Love said. “Even when the sun goes down, the two groups that are always still out are police and fire. (Burke) is an eight-year veteran of the Alabaster Fire Department. When we nominate someone, we are looking for superior service. He is an excellent employee.”

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