Second Shift Alabama to host fashion show for homeless youth

Published 2:31 pm Tuesday, October 25, 2022

By LIZZIE BOWEN | Staff Writer

 PELHAM – Second Shift will be holding its third annual fall awareness and fundraising event this November.

Second Shift is a nonprofit organization that assists youth to transition from the foster care system to connected and sustainable independence.

“We are registered in Alabama,” Executive Director Tammy Spence said. “We are based in Shelby County in Pelham. We assist youth who are aging out of foster care. When we do that, we prevent homelessness, unemployment, incarceration, the vulnerability of trafficking and the repeated generational cycle of foster care.”

The nonprofit will be hosting an event entitled “Swag the Bag” on Nov. 4 at Destined Events located at 6:30 located at 2969 Pelham Parkway.

“’Swag the Bag’ is a trash bag-themed art and fashion show,” Spence said. “We do that because trash bags are the traditional, iconic image of foster care. So, we try to reframe them into something fun and fabulous.”

This event is held in November due to the month being Homeless Youth Awareness Month.

The program will include a welcome from Second Shift followed by a buffet of Creole Cuisine and a motivational magic show from Birmingham’s award-winning magician Brian Reeves.

“By turning trash bags into art and fashion, we want to send the message to youth in care and to the community that no one is disposable,” The post read. “There is unseen value and potential in each child in care.”

2022 will be the first time that the “Swag the Bag” event is being held fully in person.

“This is our third time doing this event, and the first time was in 2020,” Spence said. “So, it was entirely virtual. Last year, was a hybrid event and the people we saw coming were mostly local people and people connected to our mission. We have a lot more community connection this year and that is really exciting.”

District Shelby County Judge Candidate Erin Welborn will be present at the event, and Hoover High School will be involving some of its students in the event as well as McAdory High School.

“People can still register to create art and fashion, we do want them delivered by Nov. 1,” Spence said.

Those who still seek to purchase tickets and attend can email Spence with the special code Swagme3 at in order to receive 50 percent off.

More information about Second Shift’s Swag the Bag event can be found at