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November City Council Update – Hewy Woodman, Place 5

Published 11:55 am Tuesday, November 8, 2022

In 1620, pilgrims left persecution and strife in search of freedom when they came to these shores. Their first Thanksgiving was celebrating the goodwill and cooperation between people. In 1789, President George Washington made Thanksgiving the first national holiday under the new Constitution. This uniquely American holiday is not measured by the gifts you receive, but one where you reflect on what you have and have been given. This Thanksgiving in 2022 comes after years of travel restrictions and turmoil. We are truly blessed to have an opportunity to see loved ones and family.

As the trees change to their beautiful shades of red, gold and orange, I am grateful to live in a city whose natural beauty is breathtaking. We are blessed with rich woodlands around a river valley, and soon we will be able to enjoy it even more. Helena has plans, as part of a united and connected community, to expand its current trail system. Phase two of the Helena greenway will connect the Hillsboro trail, the Helena Sports Complex, Old Town and even to the edge of the historical Billy Gould mine area. The trail will feature a bridge over the creek, an overlook and a tunnel under the railroad. Future phases would connect even more neighborhoods and locations. This trail will be a special attraction that you will love sharing with your friends and family.

This ambitious program started as an idea by Tom Lefebvre who worked to secure the Federal grant to make this happen. The project was kept alive by the efforts of Katherine Ennis and Cris Nelson. I am so thankful for their efforts and the current Mayor and City Council for their continuing support. Now we can finally see this project coming true in the near future. Have a joyful Thanksgiving and see you around town.