Shelby County continues to grow

Published 10:37 am Tuesday, December 27, 2022

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Despite the current state of the economy, property value and business continue to be steady and positive for those that live in Shelby County.

During the annual State of the County luncheon on Oct. 26, County Manager Chad Scroggins provided a few positive metrics on the state of the county.

“The number that is impressive here is year over year, the values of the properties in Shelby County increased by $478,” he said. “The properties in Shelby County had a value increase in the last 12 months of $478. If you’re looking at a year back, $478 million dollars of property value growth is significant in our county. That really goes back to that quality of life issue that we are all a part of to make that happen.”

New businesses are coming to the county, and established ones are pursuing upgrades and renovations.

Chelsea Mayor Tony Picklesimer discussed the state of the city of Chelsea during a luncheon with the Chelsea Business Alliance on Oct. 5.

“The state of our city of Chelsea is still very good,” he said. “We’ve had an excellent calendar 2022 on many fronts, and we’re pleased to see the amount of growth that we’re seeing still in our city. We continue to see a very strong housing market, although there is some indication that (there) may be a little bit of slowing because of interest rates (and things) such as that, but the indicators for 2023 remain very strong.”

Most recently, Alabaster had observed the significant growth in its business sector.

There were 106 new retail/commercial business permits issued in 2022, according to information provided by city administrator Brian Binzer.

“We have seen a steady increase over the past few years,” Binzer said.

While the county rings in the new year, it is fairly safe to say that, despite the circumstances, things are looking positive for Shelby County.