“Busier than we’ve ever been:” AFD releases 2022 incident report

Published 6:50 pm Monday, January 9, 2023

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By NOAH WORTHAM | Staff Writer

ALABASTER – The Alabaster Fire Department had a busier year in 2022 compared with the previous year, and responded to more than 4,000 calls for service over the 12-month period.

The Department has released its annual incident report.

There were 4,286 total incidents during 2022 with 1,882 patients transported and 71 of Mutual Aid Given Incidents.

“This is a quick way to let it out and let them know what we’ve done for the past year,” Fire Chief Tim Love said. “We feel we had a very successful year. We were busier than we’ve ever been. (With) the way that we changed our response district, we were able to manage calls a lot better.”

Overall, Alabaster incidents increased by 100 from last year, Love said.

“We’re just seeing steady growth, the demands get higher all the time,” Love said. “That’s kind of what you expect to see in a city growing like this.”

One of the things that the department keeps an eye on is overlapping incidents, Love said.

“We track a lot of this data because it helps us in determining what we want to do for the future,” he said. “We watch numbers and data every day. This is not just something that we look at (during) the end of the year. We watch this every day trying to make sure we’re providing the best coverage and we’re looking at a one, a five, a 10, 20-year plan. The possibility of when it (will) be time that we’re going to have to build another fire station? What growth factors will mitigate that need?”

The following is a breakdown of incidents by apparatus:

  • Engine 11: 1,452
  • Engine 12: 1,125
  • Engine 13: 1,455
  • Tower 19: 123
  • Batt-10: 1,119

The following is a breakdown of incidents by type and code:

100 Fire: 122

  • Structure 45
  • Vehicles 16

200 Explosion Overpressure: 6

300 EMS: 2,456

  • EMS: 1,994
  • MVA 328

400 Hazardous Condition: 88

500 Service Call: 799

  • Public Service 740

600 Good Intent: 483

700 False Alarm: 324

800 Natural/ Weather 1

900 Special Incident 2