Take pride in your school

Published 1:42 pm Monday, February 20, 2023

Montevallo recently held its annual college night. College night is a tradition the University of Montevallo partakes in every year in which one side wins and celebrates their victory. This has been going on since 1919.

“I feel very grateful and very thankful,” said Abigail Heuton, who served as Purple Side leader with Karly Wilmore. “I think it’s just so encouraging to see all of these different types of people and come together in this unified circle to make something that’s bigger than ourselves.”

I have always had a lot of school pride as a graduate of the University of Alabama and feel that having school pride is an important thing. Activities like college night help promote a sense of unity among students and further harbor a sense of school pride.

Activities like my writer’s guild club, Script A Day and football games all felt as though they brought me closer to the school I had grown to know and love. Seeing events like college night bring the people of the University of Montevallo together as a student body and as a community is a win for all.

I do not think everyone has to harbor some great sense of accomplishment and school pride. Sometimes school is simply something you attend to get your diploma, degree and to move on to whatever might be next in your life, but it is always refreshing to see people actually truly love their school.

It is not necessarily an easy feat to always take pride in one’s academic establishment. For me, I went through a time where it felt really riveting to go against the grain and express a dislike for the place I spent a vast majority of my time, but finding an actual sense of school pride in my later years was truly a wonderful experience.

So, take pride if you can. The University of Montevallo is showing that Shelby County has a space for higher academia and for students that truly can show their school colors with pride.