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City Hall Faces: HPD officer Markco Henderson loves the community

Published 7:33 am Tuesday, February 21, 2023

By MEG HERNDON | Special to the Reporter

Markco Henderson has worked as a Helena police officer for the past two year and has enjoyed his time working for the residents. As a resident himself, the past four years in the city have been bright for him.

“My favorite part about the city is its great community and Helena is a great city for my wife and I to raise our daughter,” he said.

For Markco, there is something special about helping those around him, which he said his is favorite part about his job. Many standout moments come to mind, but ultimately interacting with children has had the most impact on him.

“Riding through the neighborhoods and schools, when the kids are out and about and waving, and talking and communicating with the kids comes to mind,” Markco said.

Before his time working in Helena, Markco originally was an officer for the Tuscaloosa Police Department. Although he didn’t always want to be a police officer, he had always considered it and then finally, he decided to make the leap forward and join the force.

“And I have loved every moment of it since,” he said.