City of Helena receives grant for park renovations

Published 9:12 am Thursday, March 2, 2023

By LIZZIE BOWEN | Staff Writer

HELENA – Residents of Helena can expect a new and improved Lee Springs Park as the city received funds for renovations that will be used at Lee Springs Park.

The city of Helena has received a grant of $91,036 from the Shelby County Commission for park renovations at Lee Springs Park.

The park opened on Saturday, Nov. 21, 2020 and was named after Helena’s namesake Helen Lee. The park currently contains a playground, pavilion, restrooms and a picnic area for visitors to enjoy.

Mayor Brian Puckett was present to receive the check at the park and give updates as to what new renovations can be expected.

“We will be fixing and repairing the Hillsboro Trail,” Puckett said. “There are 13 spots where tree roots have grown and separated the asphalt. We want to get all that smoothed out and taken care of.”

The Hillsboro Trail currently contains about 2 miles of multi-use trail that connects residential communities, schools and commercial areas.

In addition, the Lee Springs parking lot will be paved, and the Lee Springs Trail will also be paved to connect to the Hillsboro Trail. Puckett said the idea to make these renditions began during the past fiscal year as the city looked at its budget.

“The council wanted to pull money out from our reserves and put it specifically to deferred maintenance from the various parks,” Puckett said. “We are using some of this money, and this grant just helps us. The cost has gone up drastically between today and this past October, and that’s helping us bridge that gap.”

Lee Springs Park is located at 45 Appleford Rd. More information can be found at