Blue Agave Cantina opens in Columbiana

Published 1:31 pm Monday, March 6, 2023

By NOAH WORTHAM | Staff Writer 

COLUMBIANA – Business has been booming for Blue Agave Cantina in Columbiana since their opening on Feb. 25.

Blue Agave Cantina is located in Columbiana where Bernie’s and Fat Johnny’s Comfort and Soul previously resided on 115 S Main Street.

Carlos Medina, the restaurant’s owner, also owns and operates 2 Pesos Cantina in Pelham and said the business hopes to provide residents with good food and a family atmosphere.

Medina shared the reason for why he opened a restaurant in Columbiana.

“I got a lot of customers from Columbiana and they go to my restaurant in Pelham, called 2 Pesos Cantina, and every time they go to the restaurant they say, ‘Carlos you need to open a restaurant in Columbiana,’” Medina said.

He said they found a nice spot on main street, and it has worked out well.

Medina also explained the reasoning behind the name Blue Agave Cantina.

“All the tequilas are made with (the) Blue Agave plant,” he said. “I told my wife, I believe it’s nice, Blue Agave, this just adds something else. I believe it sounds pretty good.”

Medina said Blue Agave Cantina has two specialty dishes. One dish is called camarones escondidos and offers chicken breast with sour cream, poblano pepper and is topped with mushrooms, spinach and chipotle wine sauce.

The second dish, al molcajete,  serves two and is comprised of grilled steak, chorizo, onions, grilled cactus, panela cheese, jalapenos and is all served on a molcajete black stone dish.

Blue Agave also offers beverages in 12- and 36-ounce sizes. Medina said the business offers a large specialty cazuela cocktail that is popular in Guadalajara, Mexico and is served in clay pot with sliced fruit.

Medina expressed his gratitude for those that helped make the business possible.

“Well first (I thank) God,” he said. “God and my family, my wife, my two daughters and I got two sons in law that are my partners. And the community of Columbiana because since day one, Saturday, they (have) supported us a lot.”

Medina said the business is willing to host large parties and that it will eventually offer live music every weekend.

“We’re very happy with the community of Columbiana, they are nice people,” Medina said.

Blue Agave Cantina is located at 115 S Main Street and is open Sunday through Thursday from 11 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. and on Fridays and Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.