Opinion: Let us recognize women, after all, it is Women’s month

Published 9:30 am Monday, March 13, 2023

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By LAUREN SEXTON | Sports Reporter

It seems like every day and every month has a holiday, but I think there is an importance in highlighting the different cultures, races, ethnicities and genders. It enables us to learn from others and explore the strengths of one another and March is dedicated to the strength of women.

Maybe I am biased because I am a woman, however, I was raised by incredibly strong women. Women throughout history have been a pivotal force in making the world into what it is today and making the future as bright as possible. Trailblazers such as Marie Curie, Maya Angelou, Gloria Steinem, Katherine Johnson and Florence Nightingale have paved the way for women and have advanced society to new heights. The month of March is a well-deserved time to honor women who have made a difference from rural small-town USA to out of this world.

Although many of the women listed have made national to global impacts, there are many great women within Shelby County that have made a huge impact. Kel-Bel’s Fitness and Coaching will open on Sunday, March 12, and will offer an exclusive exercise environment for women. Owner Kelly Corbitt was inspired to open the gym after her breast cancer journey took her down a path to health and wellness. Now, Corbitt’s business can help other women become better versions of themselves.

Women of all ages make impacts within the community. Thompson’s Aivia Button made a huge difference when she donated her pageant funds to her middle school’s lunch program to pay for her fellow classmates’ lunches. Her contribution inspired others within the community to donate to the fund and helped reach the goal of getting every child a lunch.

Everyone gets their start from somewhere and Shelby County has produced many strong and powerful women. Alabaster native Kirsten Boyd beat out hundreds of applicants for a prestigious job in Major League Soccer. Boyd landed the position due to her extensive experience and work at professional sporting events through LaGrange College’s Sports Management Club.

Don’t get me wrong, men are great and have done equally amazing things and made great contributions to society, but let’s put things in perspective. Within the past hundred years than women have been able to vote, get an education, and have access to unlimited resources. These changes had many positive effects and continue to make a difference in our society.

It’s odd to think when my grandmother was born in 1929, women had only been able to vote for less than a decade at that point. More young girls and women need to be reminded that they can go on to do amazing things at any level. I am so grateful that I was able to be raised by a family who made me into a strong woman today So yeah, I think it’s time to recognize the amazing accomplishments women have made.