Statue of Liberty comes to life for Pelham elementary students

Published 1:05 pm Monday, March 20, 2023

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By LIZZIE BOWEN | Staff Writer

PELHAM – The statue of Liberty came to life for students of Pelham Oaks Elementary School and Pelham Ridge Elementary as the Liberty Learning Foundation showed the second graders the importance of character, appreciation and community.

“The students were so excited to see Lady Liberty come to life,” Pelham Ridge Elementary Teacher Lucy Cournoyer said. “Students from each school were chosen to lead the Pledge of Allegiance, sing songs on stage and measure Lady Liberty.  All the students got to wear their own crowns and wave flags to show their love for the USA.”

Cournoyer said her students were most excited to learn about the real-life measurements of the Statue of Liberty.

“My students were most excited to learn that the Statue of Liberty would wear a size 879 shoe and that her nose would be the same length as an electric guitar,” Cournoyer said. “Many noted they enjoyed learning about the broken chains at her ankles and about the process of immigration in the past. They also learned Lady Liberty’s full name—Liberty Enlightening the World.”

The Liberty Learning Foundation is a nonprofit based in Huntsville and strives to teach, inspire and empower.

“I was very impressed with the organization and energy of the program, and I think we have several students ready to pack their bags and head to Liberty Island,” Cournoyer said.

Cournoyer said her class gave the program “two thumbs up.”

“All the students got to wear their own crowns and wave flags to show their love for the USA,” Cournoyer said. “They were inspired to be super citizens and left eager to learn more about our country. It was especially nice to share this experience with our fellow 2nd graders at Pelham Oaks.  These interactive programs truly reach all of our learners.”

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