Helena Magazine

Shay Traywick shares her favorite parts of Helena

Published 1:12 pm Tuesday, March 21, 2023

A resident of Helena and a principal in Shelby County at Thompson Intermediate School, Shay Traywick has a love for the city of Helena. She gives insight into some of her favorite aspects below.

Sports and Activities

I love Helena for the athletic opportunities that my kids have had throughout their childhood. It has afforded our entire family with the chance to meet other families in the community and spend this phase of life with people we now consider close friends.

Supportive Community

An amazing part of our town is the incredible community support. Whether it’s surrounding the students, teachers or neighbors—our city does a lot to give back to its people on a general basis.

Foodie’s Paradise

One of the many reasons to love Helena is for it’s amazing Mexican food! On almost every corner of the city you can find some delicious eateries.


Steady Growth

Helena is growing really fast, and yet it still remains a hometown-type community. Residents can raise their kids here knowing they can create lasting memories in their early years in a safe area.

Caring and Kindness

I can always count on the local Publix and Walmart to extend the utmost kindness and compassion for all of its patrons. The overall warmth of the community is reflected in these establishments.