Friends of DVG dedicate bench to Ward Tishler

Published 3:11 pm Tuesday, March 28, 2023

By NOAH WORTHAM | Staff Writer

NORTH SHELBY – A bench engraved with Ward Tishler’s name was placed at Dunnavant Valley Park in honor of the SC resident who has left a lasting legacy due to his service to the community.

A bench dedication was held on Friday, March 24 in honor of Ward Tishler and his many years of service to Shelby County and the Dunnavant Valley area.

“The bench, that we’re dedicating today, is in honor of him being a visionary for years and years and years,” said Scott Prescott, president of the Friends of the Dunnavant Valley Greenway.

Ward Tishler is a graduate of Texas A & M, a retiree of the University of Montevallo and a founding member of the Friends of the Dunnavant Valley Greenway. He served on the advisory board for the town of Mt Laurel and was an early team member in the creation of the Mt Laurel Library.

“And specific to the valley, he was a driving force in zoning,” Prescott said. “(He was) a big proponent of the small area plan for the valley. And where we are right now is Dunnavant Valley Park, this is part of the small area plan. It was envisioned to be something like this. This is the reality of that vision (and) this is what happens when you put action to a dream, it become something real.”

Shelby County Commissioner Rick Shepherd spoke on his first time meeting Tishler and discussed the success the Dunnavant Valley Greenway has seen.

“Ward and I have worked on many projects throughout this corridor,” Shepherd said. “And I would like to say because of him and the county working together it’s a much better place to live.”

Shepherd said he believes that people will come to appreciate the work done in the Dunnavant Valley area for a long time to come.

“We built this park here for families (and the) community to be able to enjoy the outdoors and experience togetherness,” Shepherd said. “It’s peaceful here and symbolizes what Shelby County values most in our county and that’s park and recreation and a better way of life for the citizens of Shelby County.”

Shepherd expressed his gratitude for the work Tishler has done throughout the years to make the county a better place.

“Shelby County and the entire valley is a better place due to the tireless efforts of Ward Tishler,” Shepherd said. “I can’t think of a better way to show Ward our appreciation than to have this bench here dedicated to him in a park that we built because of him on County Road 41 in Shelby County. Thank you, Ward, for your continuous caring, unselfish nature and just you as a person. You are really a true gentleman and I’ve been honored to know you.”

County Manager Scroggins shared his thoughts on Tishler during the dedication.

“Ward is a friend of mine, there’s something special about this guy right here,” Scroggins said. “We’re all here because he’s just a really good friend to all of us. He’s kind of the patriarch of Dunnavant Valley.”

Scroggins spoke on the success of the Dunnavant Valley area.

“This valley is the fastest growing area of Shelby County (and) it has the highest property values,” Scroggins said. “All of those things are enrichments and quality of life that, Ward, you have (had) a direct hand in and we can’t say thank you enough for what you’ve done.”

Prescott shared what the Friends of The Dunnavant Valley Greenway believe the bench represents.

“This is a great place for dreamers to sit down and think about what that action is that they want to take to become a visionary for themselves, for their family, or their friends, the palace they work and the county they live,” Prescott said. “That’s our vision for this bench and we thank Ward for being a fantastic example of that.”