Helena resident creates logo for autism awareness month

Published 3:35 pm Wednesday, March 29, 2023

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By LIZZIE BOWEN | Staff Writer

HELENA – Helena resident Erec Brown is a self-taught graphic designer who is seeking to inspire as he creates a logo for autism awareness month.

As an autistic man, 23-year-old Brown taught himself how design art and logos and also serves as the founder and creator of his business, ErechBro-Looza, Inc.

“About two years ago graphic design was my favorite passion and joy on the computer,” Brown said. “Graphic design is a great activity.”

A group called Splatter Til’ It Matters was created by Brown six months ago and meets the third Saturday of every month to offer a place for adults to socialize with one another.

“Splatter Til’ it Matters is a group for individual adults to socialize and meet new friends,” Brown said. “And it is an event to just hang out.”

Brown was going to different groups and meetings to aid in him pursuing his creativity and socializing, and during this quest for the perfect group, he came up with the idea of starting one of his own.

“I wanted to meet new friends and hang out on Saturdays,” Brown said.

Prior to creating and becoming involved in Splatter Til’ Matters, Brown took part in the Partners in Policy Making Program as well as People First of Alabama in the Young Emerging Leaders program.

Brown is currently working on a logo for autism awareness to be printed and distributed on T-shirts for Autism Awareness month in April.

“My favorite thing about art is sharing my creativity,” Brown said. “Art inspires creativity and emotion to draw.”

Brown said he plays music while he is creating his art to make him feel calm and relaxed while he is doing what he does best. Erec’s father, Eric Brown said that he has been interested in art and graphic design since he was a child.

“Since he was about eight years old, he has always had a knack for art,” Eric said. “As the years progressed people said, ‘You really need to create a website. You really need to get that out there and show his work.’ So, about three years ago, we made a website for his art.”

Eric said he didn’t believe when Erec first began in art that it would snowball into what it is today.

“I was really surprised,” Eric said. “I knew he’s always been a gifted child, but I had no idea what to expect as he became a young man. Especially, as his artwork matured. It became more detailed and intense when it comes to the art pieces.”

Brown, a graduate of Helena High School, also partook in the Falcon Flight Program, a functional life skills program that helps special education students in daily living, academic and self-determination skills.

“When he was in high school, he was in the art program,” Eric said. “His art piece did really well in the Shelby County Art Exhibit at Oak Mountain. He did really well in Helena High, and when he became a young adult and graduated high school, he took part in the Art Walk in Montevallo.”

The Art Walk is an event hosted in Montevallo where local artists come together to share and sell their artwork.

Brown is also an advocate for The Colby Act and created a shirt design for Colby Spangler that was worn at the State House where Brown asked Representative Kenneth Pascal for his vote in favor of The Colby Act.

The Colby Act is in favor of the rights of adults with special needs being given the ability to serve as their own guardians.

“It has been amazing how he has stepped up to be such a leader,” Eric said. “I knew it was in him, but it has really come to the light in the past couple years. He has become an advocate for himself, and he speaks out for individuals with disabilities.”

Brown created a shirt with the words, “The Colby Act, Vote Yes!” urging voters to say yes to the Colby Act.

No matter if he is in the State House or making designs for the world to see in the comfort of his own home, it is clear Erec Brown has made a name for himself and has a story to share about how nothing can drag him down.

Brown’s podcast “Splatter Til It Matters: Erec and Kunal’s Social View Zone” is available on Spotify.