Helena Library prepares for summer reading program

Published 12:03 pm Wednesday, April 5, 2023

By LIZZIE BOWEN | Staff Writer

HELENA – The Helena Library has announced its theme for its summer reading program: All Together Now.

Library Director Daniel Dearing said “All Together Now” is a phrase that is meant to bring people together.

“Sometimes a simple idea can be inspiring,” Dearing said. “We can all find a book to fit our interests and maybe make some friends in the process. Centered around kindness, friendship and unity. This year’s theme comes with endless opportunities to share the library with the community.”

Dearing said that the summer is always an exciting time for the library, and that this year’s summer reading theme in particular is very unique.

“This year’s theme is neat because it encourages thinking outside the box,” Dearing said. “Examples include books with themes about friendship and taking time to talk when everyone seems in a hurry. Additionally, while we are all different in some ways, we are all in this together. Helena is always great to help us promote and encourage our reading program, from schools, churches, private citizens and city leadership, it’s a team effort.”

Dearing spoke about the importance on engaging children in reading and using the library as a resource.

“While things are constantly changing, some things remain the same,” Dearing said. “No matter what you want to do or be, enjoying books and becoming a better reader is a great goal. It can help you grow, achieve and become a better student. Also, the library is a community resource and shows children by example that it is important to interact with people in your community. I could go on and on about it, just ask anyone in Helena.”

The library will also host a program entitled Lego Fun! Dearing said the proof of the enjoyment of the activity is in the name.

“The program is for all ages and free form in nature. We simply set out tables filled with Legos and let young minds create,” Dearing said. “They also interact, make new friends and exchange ideas. It’s no surprise that Lego Fun is one of our most popular programs.”

More information on the Helena Library can be found at Cityofhelena.org.